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Check out my videos below for updates on what's going on with our Real EstateMarket.  Are we heading for a repeat crash?  Is the bubble coming?  Is it still a good time to BUY or SELL?

I'll give you all the facts and data from top Economist and analyst from the National Realtors Association (NRA).  I study our market and follow all the data on a daily basis just like the stock market to be sure my clients are informed with all the best information to make smart business decisions when it comes to Real Estate investing.

My Mission Is To Keep You As Educated As Possible!


What to expect when BUYING a home.                                            South Florida Market Update on the Real Estate Market



Zillow it actually works                                Is the Real Estate Market headed for a Repeat Bubble?



Real Estate National Market Update                                        South Florida Local Market Update



The Housing Market Crash                                                       Benefits of BUYING a Fixer Upper 



 How to BUY a home with low income or poor credit

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